Team Group: Area L

Deborah Woodard

Assistant for Administrative Activities

Shante West

Coordinator of Continuing Medical Education

Connie A. Walters

Finance Support Specialist

Amanda Smith, BS

Program Assistant – Allied & Oral Health, Pharmacy, & Nursing Education

Lisa Renfrow, MSN, RN, CDP

Director - Continuing Medical Education

Jenny Newton, BS

Director – Allied Health, Oral Health & Coordinator of Pharmacy CPD

Monique Mackey, MLS

Vice President & Director – Quality Initiatives, CPD, & Information Services/Systems

Michaela Karriker, MHS, CHES

Director – Statewide Projects & Housing Coordinator

Tameka Joyner

Program Assistant – Statewide Projects, Practice Support, and Student Services

Megan Hensley, BS

Practice Support Consultant