Meet the Area L AHEC Team

DEBBY FUTRELL Debra P. Futrell, PharmD
President & CEO (Pharmacy Education)
Director of Finance & Administration
Monique Mackey Monique F. Mackey, MLS Vice President (Director – Quality Initiatives, CPD, & Information Services/Systems)
Connie A. Rider Finance Support Specialist
Nicole M. Barnes Executive Assistant To President/CEO & Administration
DEBORAH_WOODARD Deborah Woodard Assistant for Administrative Activities – Program Assistant (Health Careers & Workforce Diversity)
BRENDA_BOYKIN Brenda B.  Boykin Program Assistant (Pharmacy/Oral Health)
SHANNON_CAMBRA Shannon Cambra, RT(R), BS Director – Practice Support Activities & Public Health
PATTY COLLINS Patty Collins, MAEd, BSN, RN Director – Nursing/ Interdisciplinary CPD & Student Services
GEORGE VENTURELLA George Venturella Director – Health Careers and Workforce Diversity
Lindsay Farmer Program Assistant (PH/PS) Campaigner Student Housing
Michaela Karriker Program Assistant (Nursing/ Interdisciplinary CPD/Student Services)
JENNY NEWTON Jenny Newton, BS Director – Allied and Oral Health CPD  (Coordinator of Pharmacy CPD)
LISA RENFROW Lisa Renfrow, MSN, RN, CDP Director – CME
SHANTE WEST Shante West Program Assistant (Library/Tech & Ed Support) CME Coordinator Campaigner
Harold Williams Associate Director Technology & Education Support
Ivy Williams Tailored Care Management Practice Coach